difference acer 5220 and acer 5315...

jacqui248, Apr 5, 9:45pm
Difference acer 5220 and acer 5315... I am looking at both these .. which is best?? I would thought the higher the numbe the better but to me the 5220 looks better am i right?

kevin16, Apr 5, 9:49pm
Inane compare the specs with google, do you really need other peoples opinions?, don't you trust your own?, or did you miss the bus to church today and decide to spend it here posting anything you can think of?

jacqui248, Apr 5, 9:52pm
I am trying to google but i dont fully understand.. is there a web where you can see the specs side by side? and you may not want to help kevin but there has been some very helpful people in here thanks you

jacqui248, Apr 5, 9:56pm
If the stinking acer website was going that would wouldnt it

kevin16, Apr 5, 9:58pm
I want to help jacqui248 but computer help may not be whats needed, maybe you need to work on your researching skills, chase links to the ends of the internet, follow vague references from forgotten forums,.. make a game of looking for what you want,..then instead of asking questions, you will be able to answer them,..

pcfix4u, Apr 5, 9:59pm
Morning jacqui248 type reviews into google followed by acer & model number

jacqui248, Apr 5, 10:05pm
Thanks pc i was kinda hoping there would be a site that would put the 2 side by side and show me the diffs....

nzmu, Apr 5, 10:06pm
Google each model in a different window then flick from one to the other or print the specs maybe.

jacqui248, Apr 5, 10:11pm
LOL .. i have done that BUT i dont have a clue that is the problem... i cannot tell with ALL my wonderful knowledge which is best.. but from other info i have been giving i am assuming the 5220 is as it comes standard with 1gb ram

jacqui248, Apr 5, 10:31pm
Well i have looked and looked and cant see a differece LOL

gwh01, Apr 5, 10:55pm
Amount of RAM is the only major difference Jacqui- the 5315 generally ships with 512mb RAM, the 5220 ships with 1Gb. You'll need at least 1Gb to run Vista properly.
The 5220 also has a built in webcam. Other than that the difference is cosmetic.
Acer have a $149 cahback on the 5315 at the moment.

jacqui248, Apr 5, 11:00pm
Well thanks you gwh.... that was the conclusion i think i had come too... i am looking at a 5220 and asking for an xtra 1 gb ram to be added.... i think that will do everything i want ti too... webcam dont bother me never used one... i wish i could get to acer website though... but its down.. i seen a 5220 with a $99 cashback offered somewhere too..and then someone told me that it was only till end march..

jacqui248, Apr 6, 12:29am
OMG the further i look the more confused i get.. SHEESH LOL

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