Adobe Reader installation problem

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 3:06am
Adobe Reader installation problem I am trying to reinstall Adobe Reader (which some kind person removed for me) and at the end of download it repeatedly comes up with "Error 1327 - Invalid Drive D:\" Any suggestions? Or shall I just pitch this machine off the deck?

0800xford, Mar 18, 3:08am
save the file elsewhere, d:\ was possibly a removable drive.

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 3:17am
Ummmm? How do I do that?

0800xford, Mar 18, 3:25am
when you choose "save" it asks for a location, change it.

0800xford, Mar 18, 3:27am
why do you want adobe reader? foxit is much faster and nicer to use and free [ ] use the "free download" button not the "get it free" button.

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 3:31am
# 4 ok - I'll see if I can do that # 5 - Cause Vodaphone refuse to send me a paper statement and I have to access on line and it comes as pdf which says I have to open with Adobe. Will foxit do the same thing? I've found that if I forward the statement from Outlook Express to my Gamil account, I can read it there. I have no idea why?

0800xford, Mar 18, 3:33am
foxit can do what you are wanting to do.

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 3:35am
Oh excellent ! I'll give that a go first then. Thanks so much. I'll come back and annoy you if it doesn't work *cheers*

deus701, Mar 18, 3:36am
..yeah, download FOXIT

0800xford, Mar 18, 3:39am
not "first" just forget adobe reader exists.

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 4:06am
Gawd but you're a bossy bunch ! But it worked ! *runs round in excited circles* Now can you tell me how to get rid of its task bar?

nice_lady, Mar 18, 4:08am
Not off hand but heres the lessonnext time you are installing something READ the boxes CAREFULY and UNtick anything you dont want. Many free applications now-a-days 'want' to install extras.

0800xford, Mar 18, 4:09am
"task bar"? you mean toolbar? the one it asked you if you wanted to install, and you chose "yes"? that one =p i believe add/remove programs lets you do this.

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 4:15am
*blushes* Well I thought I unticked it !

diamondgirl06, Mar 18, 6:50am
Thanks guys All done. And I cleaned up some other stuff while I was there. Thanks all for your help - esp you 0800xford

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