Acer Aspire dvd drive

Acer Aspire dvd drive I have an Acer aspire M1640 desktop, thats only a few months old. It seems to have problems reading some dvd's. Not all dvd's just some of them, but it is annoying. Do these computers have poor quality dvd drives in them? Considering the cheap price of drive's these days would it be worth buying a new brand of dvd drive, If so which one?

geek_willz29, Mar 18, 4:48 pm

Still under warranty? Use it.

geek_blitzem1, Mar 18, 4:49 pm

I've found many a laptop and desktop with crap quality optical drives..

geek_gibler, Mar 18, 4:50 pm

When It does not read a dvd properly I notice the light on the drive, is very faint/weak when its trying to read the disc, Rather than a solid flashing light. I dont know if that info will help, But thought I'd add it.

geek_willz29, Mar 18, 4:51 pm

yeah I've thought about that but the problem is intermittent. And I'd rather not be without the computer while they put the same kind of drive, Which is possibly a poor quality in.

geek_willz29, Mar 18, 4:52 pm

thats good to know, And I believe that could be the case with this desktop. Is there any brand you would recommend?

geek_willz29, Mar 18, 4:53 pm

if it's faulty & still under warranty - take it back to the vendor & they will replace it. With the problem being intermittent this should still be covered. Ask them for a more reliable piece of hardware.

geek_blitzem1, Mar 18, 4:56 pm

I know what your saying, and usually I would but for the sake of $50 or so I'd rather put a better quality drive in. Than have them put in another el cheapo

geek_willz29, Mar 18, 5:27 pm

Always found Lite-on to be cheap & reliable and very easy to get round dvd region protection.

geek_got2bin2win, Mar 18, 5:41 pm

I have a acer aspire i also have trouble wen reading disk sometimes.laptop users need to be careful with inserting disks ,as there very fragile....

geek_movies2go, Mar 18, 6:03 pm

My local computer shop has Asustek at $49.50, How is this brand. All of the others are out of stock according to the website

geek_willz29, Mar 19, 4:05 pm

As long as it comes with a full replacement warranty you have nothing to lose.

geek_blitzem1, Mar 19, 4:07 pm

I understand what your saying but I don't want to be without the pc while its sent away. And I don't want the same spec optical drive put in. {which they will replace this one with} Hence why Im happy to pay for a good quality drive to put in it.

geek_willz29, Mar 19, 4:15 pm

Sorry blitzem I could have miss understood your message

geek_willz29, Mar 19, 4:17 pm

no problem.
Why send the case away? Do it yourselfonly takes a minute. Here's a quick link to show you how....

geek_blitzem1, Mar 19, 4:19 pm

Willz29 your friendly computer store should be able to put it in while you wait at the shop, at no extra cost. Ring and ask them. If they don't, then suggest they do as most others do & take your custom elsewhere

geek_lostdude, Mar 19, 4:24 pm

Cheers thanks for that. Hopefully this will go a lot better than my last computer DIY when I tried to format the hdd and install Linux on my old PC before I sold it. Went horrible wrong!

geek_willz29, Mar 19, 4:24 pm