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sellboat, Mar 20, 8:58pm
Removal Adobe Flash Player I was silly enuff to instal the software for the above. I didnt like the way it took over all the video on my system, prompting to install it on any web page. It proved to be one of those pieces of software that cannot be deleted fully. After using the software removal in Control Panel, this damned thing still keeps popping up on each web page telling me that it needs to be installed so that I can use the video player on that page.

Now that I uninstalled it I am unable to re-install it to the point where it will run any video from a web site.

I am using Windows IE 8. Thanks

kylea_damien, Mar 20, 9:02pm
Flash player will only play flash Generally imbedded in webpages. Download it from Ive never had a problem with it taking over all video on a system.

sellboat, Mar 20, 9:03pm
AH HA SUCESS! One needs to use a special uninstaller from Adobe, it is at

sellboat, Mar 20, 9:04pm
Reply Thanks for your help Kylea

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