I have one very sick vista laptop

switched_on, Mar 21, 5:44am
I have one very sick vista laptop When I was given it. the laptop would not boot. I managed to get to the command prompt and run chkdsk /r to fix alot of files and disk problems. I had to download a vista boot disk to start it and do a repair. I can now only start it in safe mode. But every 10 seconds windows explorer fixes it self and restarts continuisly. Does anyone now how to fix this problem?. I have googled it but there is no conclusive fix for it. If i can stop this I could remove files that are needed and reinstall.

dunedin_ree, Mar 21, 5:46am
If you need to get files off it download a linux live cd image and boot from that to copy files to an external drive.

blitzem1, Mar 21, 5:48am
or reinstall the OS. Much safer fix.

kiwi-eyes, Mar 21, 5:53am
F2after you power on at the same time you otherwise would have hit F8 to have used safe mode.

use F2 and choose Tools

follow promps

I fixed a vista compaq this way.

little_egypt, Mar 21, 6:16am
First thing to do Burn a copy of Ultimate Boot CD (on some other computer) and test the hard drive and ram. Because it sounds as if one or the other is probably failing and if that's the case there's really no point doing anything else until you get the hardware sorted out. Next thing I'd do is backup any files you want to keep, and do a total reinstall. It's really not worth trying to 'fix' Windows once it's that fucked up.

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