Brother LC 57 printer

rattzix, Mar 21, 9:28pm
Brother LC 57 printer is there any way to over-ride the printer memory?I only print in black and white yet the colour cartridges keep flashing they are empty and require changing.

magenta, Mar 21, 9:52pm
Brother printers clean themselves Very often. You may not hear this happening and it uses ink every time this happens. There are supposed to ways of doing this like painting whiteout on the cartridges to over ride the sensor, but I have not tried this. If you leave cartridges in an inkjet for a long time without using they tend to get blocked up which I guess is why the printers are programmed to clean themselves. Also I believe even when printing black some printers use colour spectrum. I have told my colour laser to only use black cartridge when printing black and white pages. I am not sure if you can go into properties on your printer and select this option.

nzmu, Mar 21, 9:56pm
Agree with magenta. Other option is to get a cheap laser printer - around $150 or cheaper in some places for a Brother 2140. Good little printer and comes with a toner cart that will do approx 3 reams (1500pages) of print (text).

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