help with Epson printer please

blondinie, Mar 22, 3:07am
Help with Epson printer please I have an Epson cx3700 multifunction printer. I tried to use the scan feature, a box came up saying something about a twain driver. So I downloaded a twian driver. Now the printer wont print. So i went to the tech help download site and downlaoded a new driver. Still wont print, although it did print a test page just once. I cant find the install cd's for it. Any suggestions thanks?

dunedin_ree, Mar 22, 3:08am
Download the drivers etc from the Epsom site.

kevin16, Mar 22, 3:16am
Turn off the scanner/printer install the drivers, turn on when asked, you may have to even reboot,.. nothing is certain because you've made a pigs ear of it already,...

blondinie, Mar 22, 4:40am
Ok, have found the install disk so now it will at least print, thanks for suggestions though.

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