ie8 not compatible with vodafone

chessman, Mar 23, 2:33am
Ie8 not compatible with vodafone if ur using ie8 and login to my vodafone on vodafones website, you'll notice some of the options wont be available and to try refreshing your browser. works fine with firefox and ie7 tho!

0800xford, Mar 23, 2:44am
i can't stand the vodafone website aye, it's so clunky and awkward

evoeater, Mar 23, 2:58am
Switch to compatibility mode if there's a problem

enigma, Mar 23, 3:06am
I thought Vodafone website is not compatible with every browser available. The site is a disaster, the only part of it I use is the settings portal and even then it manages to muck up.

nzmu, Mar 23, 6:17am
Must be just poster I haven't had any problems with the site and been using ie8 for several weeks.

anr, Mar 23, 7:11am
Noproblems here with ie 8 and win7. Firefox though is occasionally weird

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