sanshae, Mar 23, 8:26am
Adobe This morning when I turned on the computer it said there was a new adobe to download which I clicked on and it said it had done it but all day I have tried to go to grab a seat which I have always used and it tells me I have to download adobe to see it...Is it not working now??

r.g.nixon, Mar 23, 8:29am
Grabaseat is wotking here note:IE & Firefox require separate installs of Adobe Flash.

sanshae, Mar 23, 11:06pm
Do you think I should uninstall adobe and then install again it was working fine till I upgraded.

0800xford, Mar 24, 12:16am
which browser are you using? "when I turned on the computer *it* said there was a new adobe" to quote faith no more "what is "it"?

sanshae, Mar 24, 2:08am
I was using Internet explorer.I have been using adobe today getting music live but I still can't get grab a seat,it says I need adobe.

0800xford, Mar 24, 2:10am
clear your cache and cookies, restart ie

sanshae, Mar 24, 2:40am
I have cleaned up cookies just now and restarted computer but when I go to grab a seat it says part of this website needs Adobe flash click here to download and I have and it says it is downloaded but it still won't work.

0800xford, Mar 24, 2:43am
i hate to sound flippant but, try using firefox.

0800xford, Mar 24, 2:50am
and which version of ie are you using?

sanshae, Mar 24, 2:59am
Is firefox something you download..I have an xp computer and it is only a month old

0800xford, Mar 24, 3:03am
this is firefox [ ]

sanshae, Mar 24, 3:34am
Well I have downloaded fire fox and still can'y get into grab a seat

0800xford, Mar 24, 3:42am
you INSTALLED firefox or just downloaded it?

sanshae, Mar 24, 3:48am
Downloaded It.

0800xford, Mar 24, 3:50am

sanshae, Mar 24, 3:54am
Yes I have installed now still won't let adobe work

0800xford, Mar 24, 3:55am
reread post

sanshae, Mar 24, 4:06am
Thanks I will have to come back to this later busy at the moment and I don't really know a lot about computers.I will have to think what I am doing.

0800xford, Mar 24, 4:10am
reread post too

0800xford, Mar 24, 4:15am
do other flash sites work? like or

sanshae, Mar 24, 4:47am
You tube Just went in there and it said java script turned off or old version adobe flash click here for new version which i did it told me it was sucessfully installed but still won't work

sanshae, Mar 24, 4:49am
Windows internt explorer

sanshae, Mar 24, 5:25am
Will I Uninstall all adobe and then install again

lostdude, Mar 24, 5:41am

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