Linux help please root access.

Linux help please root access. trying to import a new icon pack but having trouble as i need to be root. How do i be root?

geek_flewy, Mar 24, 5:41 pm

What version of Linux are you using? I am not an expert but I do know that you log in as User: root and Password: whatusetupinitially. You may be talking desktop Gui and maybe Ubuntu in which case you should just insert your root password when asked. You can of course type SU to be a sudo root user. Need to know if you are using command line or GUI and what distribution you are using.

geek_sighkick, Mar 24, 5:46 pm

This should help terminal -- $ su -- enter -- password OR (Ubuntu) terminal -- $ sudo aptitude install whatever -- password -- job done

geek_rua69, Mar 24, 5:48 pm

oh and don't forget to # aptitude update or # apt-get update before you install new s/w

geek_rua69, Mar 24, 5:52 pm

Worked it out . thme manager does it al LOL

geek_flewy, Mar 24, 5:54 pm

I always use sux for root

geek_intrade, Mar 24, 6:25 pm

Why? What's wrong with using gksu?

geek_little_egypt, Mar 24, 7:33 pm

Flewy your such a noob+ but your a good noob cos all your questions are self answered.

geek_seriouslycgi, Mar 24, 10:42 pm

Lol yeah i get frustrated and ask, and then walaaa i figure it out .

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 6:51 am

Im loving gnome look web site, theme after theme after theme, never happy LOL

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 6:58 am

that used to happen to me a lot too...voila!

geek_sirfer, Mar 25, 8:44 am

Was bout to ask but finally got DVD playback :)

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 7:09 pm

Me again any of you useful Linux types now bout TV capture under Linux, i have a Happaugge pvr 150 works in vlc but would love a capture prog like wintv.

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 8:02 pm

Opened up a whole can or worms now First step is finding out if it's supported in linux. I think part of the mythtv wiki has a decent list. Then you have to work out how to get it working. Usually a bit more involved than most things. Is the card connected? I think if it's already detect it should have some files in /dev somewhere. I know dvb cards go into /dev/dvb. Could be that simple, could involve a kernel compile. Hopefully someone else has a tad more experience with it (Oh and you'll love my new site, just have to get it set up)

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 8:09 pm

Wait so you already have it working? Will help if you don't. Oh and check out mythtv. It's a pretty simple install and if your card is configured properly it should be a simple setup. Sounds like that card should be pretty good in linux

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 8:12 pm

Kewl tried myth but i think i did something wrong, as it could not connect to the database , blah blah LOL

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 8:22 pm

I had that problem myself I'll just give you the nice interesting (only) fix Yay for reading manuals :bored: I swear it's worth it once you get it setup (If your tuner works :angry: Bloody HP laptop)

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 8:27 pm

Anyways my desktop coz im bored.

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 8:27 pm

EDIT: In case you miss it, you have to set up a database.

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 8:27 pm

Ohhh, right off to google uninstall line for it then to reinstall.

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 8:29 pm

Nice Desktop Here's mine, I haven't got any fancy stuff as barely use the desktop for doing things.

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 8:31 pm

Lol love the syringes

geek_flewy, Mar 25, 8:37 pm

Bidda2 are you a Debiant?

geek_rua69, Mar 25, 8:48 pm

Rua69: I am For just over 2 years now :o

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 9:09 pm

What branch? I'll be having my first anniversary with Lenny around the middle of the year, I've been enjoying his lack of spacky or hissy moments. Squeeze will be on later!

geek_rua69, Mar 25, 9:23 pm

Was running etch up until about 6 months ago when i got sick of having to compile new stuff just to get the latest stuff I needed. So I reinstalled with lenny and have been running that since. I will probably give squeeze a try once they begin security support. I plan on multibooting another PC soon with quite a few distros for a number of reasons. (Read: Fun)

geek_bidda2, Mar 25, 9:49 pm