Acer aspire desktop

mgbch, Mar 24, 5:09am
Acer aspire desktop we have a 5 month old acer aspire that keeps turning its self off, there is no notice it just shuts down right in the middle of whatever your doing. Will have to ring warranty people, but do you know of anything i could try to fix the problem. Thanks

goldenlocks, Mar 24, 5:16am
Does it depend what your doing on the PC as to when it shuts down. IE Does it shutdown every day every few days or does it depend what your doing on it at the time?

mgbch, Mar 24, 5:19am
It's shutting down every day, you can be on trademe, facebook, herald site just anything.

r.g.nixon, Mar 24, 6:49am
Could be overheating caused by a very dusty environment?

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