help with epson printer??

piper10, Mar 24, 5:56am
Help with epson printer?? my epson cx3900 has been in storage for a few months and now have the need for it again. plugged her in, installed on new laptop but won't print in black. ?Colours work just fine, you can hear it 'prnting' but comes out blank!! any ideas?

make_a_bid, Mar 24, 6:01am
Ran out of black ink? or ink maybe needs replacing?

piper10, Mar 24, 6:13am
Ha ha! no have tried half fill cartridge and brand new cartridge. level indicator is workig fine. and i always use genuine cartridges.

oscarnz, Mar 24, 6:15am
Have you tried cleaning the print heads

lostdude, Mar 24, 6:16am
Ink cartridge is probably clogged at the nozzle. Epsons had the problem of a non-usable cartridge as soon as it was removed from the printer. Not too sure about later models. You could try clearing it with a tooth pick then reinsert it. If it still fails, then you'd have to get a new one.

piper10, Mar 24, 6:16am
Have tried multiple nozzle checks, head cleaning etc

oscarnz, Mar 24, 6:16am
On my epson (different model) I use the arrow keys on the printer to select clean print head mode

piper10, Mar 24, 6:24am
Wahoo got a skewer and had a pokenotreall knowng what i was doing.. and low and behold its now working!!

lostdude, Mar 24, 6:26am
Wow happy happy joy joy...

make_a_bid, Mar 24, 6:29am
That awsomeness. &0;

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