Printer Help Please Lexmark X75 All in 1...

gillies08, Mar 24, 9:36pm
Printer Help Please Lexmark X75 All in 1Hello I have just got a 2nd hand Lexmark X75 and all seems well apart from when ever I print a page it cuts half of the text off. (A4) I'm not sure what am I ment to set the margins to??? Also when there is no colour ink left how do I choose to print only in black and whiteThanks

soodanim, Mar 24, 9:42pm
Don't know about the margins...but some printers won't work if there are no ink in the colour cartridges....and there's no option...Suggest you find a manual (check the manufacturer's website if it didn't come with one) to see what it says about the inks.

gillies08, Mar 24, 9:45pm
Great thanks Am getting a new colour cartridge so that will be okayThe margin thing is a pain have read user manual and gone online to site but just can't seem to work it out.. Thanks for your help.

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