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mitch1110, Mar 25, 5:34am
Does anyone have a ACER Aspire 3680 Laptop? I have just had the Hard drive replaced in mine and I bought it off Mum after she had it for a few months - was not aware you had to make your own recovery disc for them Does anyone have a recovery disc that they could copy and send me to save me attempting to rebuild everything from scratch - Happy to pay costs incurred?

mitch1110, Mar 25, 5:45am
Anyone or is this a really quiet place *tiptoes to the corner and waits*

make_a_bid, Mar 25, 6:04am
Did mum have the original hard drive in it? not sure but with some brands the recovery disc are specific to that computer.

make_a_bid, Mar 25, 6:06am
&0;you actually need a OS install disc coz the new hard drive has no OS on it?&0;

mitch1110, Mar 25, 6:12am
Yes that is what I need where can I get one from - No Mum has nothing I have searched her house and nothing! I thought I had an XP disc here but cant find it - it used to have Vista Basic on it but not too concerned what goes back on. Is this something I can down load from somewhere and put on?

make_a_bid, Mar 25, 6:19am
&0;you`ll have to go and buy a new OS and install it onto the blank hard drive.

dunedin_ree, Mar 25, 6:22am
Does it have a recovery partition? hit alt + F10 at startup and see if it gives you the option to restore it back to factory settings.

soodanim, Mar 25, 6:22am
No you won't you should still have the license on the bottom of the laptop....Get a copy of the same version and install.

soodanim, Mar 25, 6:24am
it's got a new HDD in it? the recovery parition would be on the old HDD?

make_a_bid, Mar 25, 6:26am
That license would be for vista home basic only? so he really needs a copy of vista home basic or he`ll have to buy another OS disc?

mitch1110, Mar 25, 6:26am
Will try the alt F10 but not sure as said above would work due to the new hard drive - so basically I need a copy of Vista Basic?

make_a_bid, Mar 25, 6:29am
Yes i doubt it will work with any other vista OS. could be wrong tho.

dunedin_ree, Mar 25, 6:31am
Duh, sorry new HDD means the recovery partition wouldn't be there, my mistake. Was the old drive damaged - could you put it back in and burn the cds/dvds?

soodanim, Mar 25, 6:32am
You could check the manufacturer's site Which you'll have to go to anyway to get the drivers and see what's available....If you do use anything other than Vista Basic you WILL need to get a new license.

little_egypt, Mar 25, 6:34am
Any Vista DVD should do Just use the license code on the bottom of the laptop, and you'll probably have to sort out any needed drivers on your own. Acer's website probably has them all in one place for you. Another option worth looking at is Linux. I use Ubuntu on my Aspire 5000 and it rocks!

mitch1110, Mar 25, 6:39am
Thanks guys I will see if the shop I bought it from has a copy I can use if not I will see if I can download one from somewhere - and yes am pretty sure that I will get most of the other lost info from Acer!

browsing, Mar 25, 8:17am
I got recovery discs with my acer aspire 3004 so maybe dealer can help? :)

lostdude, Mar 25, 8:42am
Who actually replaced the drive? a tech or Acer themselves? You should have taken it to Acer as they would've restored your system back to default, WITH the OS & all default apps.

mitch1110, Mar 25, 10:02am
It was done locally at a technician approved by the warranty people, and yes I agree it should have been returned to me with the OS and drivers installed. Will ring the shop tommorrow and see what they say

jlt, Mar 25, 11:55am
Hmmm Shit service is shit, when replacing the drive the techy that done it should be at least providing you with the drivers, when ever we are forced to replace a drive with a known recovery partition on it (all laptops) we burn off a copy of the corresponding DVD/CD to the license on the bottom of the unit as well as offering to download and provide all the drivers (this costs extra $30) i fail to see how computer stores stay in business giving you back a computer with a blank hard drive esp it it was a warranty repair.

blenheim-trader, Mar 25, 12:03pm
Maybe the owner of this laptop would make you a copy of the recovery discs before selling Auction 9646913

mitch1110, Mar 26, 5:33am
Good thinking batman I have asked them if they would. SHop I purchased from were no help at all.

guest, Jan 13, 7:24pm
hey contact me i will help u
i know ur prob i had the same

guest, Jan 13, 7:25pm

guest, Feb 15, 1:57am
go to google

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