Such a thing as 'free' winzip' download?

biddy6, Mar 26, 12:20am
Such a thing as 'free' winzip' download? or are all free downloads just a trial version? If so, are you able to recommend a website that sells the programme at a reasonable price? I require 'winzip' to compress work for an upcoming website design course at polytech. They stipulate using 'winzip'

0800xford, Mar 26, 12:23am
7zip or tugzip

soodanim, Mar 26, 12:23am winzip isn't free

lostdude, Mar 26, 12:25am
Who the heck still uses winzip? Use WinRar instead, way better & can handle most compression formats, including 7zip. Only problem is it's not free either.

biddy6, Mar 26, 12:27am
Wow, quick replies! Thanks guys! So you don't think Tech. will reject my work if not sent using 'winzip' as stipulated?

kevin16, Mar 26, 12:28am
'They' need to be brought into the present, winrar is better, if 'they stipulate' winzip who do 'they reckon has to pay for it?,..

r.g.nixon, Mar 26, 12:28am
No they won't If you go with 7Zip, just be aware that the default type is 7Z which they will reject. Change the first one you do to ZIP - it will default to that next time you use it.

lostdude, Mar 26, 12:31am
They will only accept .zip format, doesn't mean you can't use any other application capable of compressing to zip format. Use 7zip since it's free.

biddy6, Mar 26, 12:58am
Ok thanks heaps away to download 7zip. Thanks again all :-)

0800xford, Mar 26, 1:18am
i try to use .zip for everything, most people can deal with it.

dakar, Mar 26, 6:03am
7zip is best I think 7zip is better than winrar, and to top it off, it is free. You may have specific needs that make winrar better for you, but 7zip is best for most people.

hakatere1, Mar 26, 4:45pm
MTCW Izarc free

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