Brother printer/fax

magenta, Mar 26, 5:20am
Brother printer/fax Have a problem with receiving faxes on my Brother 215c. All works except it does not answer fax calls. We have faxability on and the distinctive ring is working, but does not answer fax calls. The setting on the LCD is in manual mode and with faxability on you cannot chose any other receive mode. If anybody has one of these and could help I would be grateful. It was working fine. TIA

gyrogearloose, Mar 26, 7:18am
Can you send a fax? Is there an auto answer / manual answer mode, it should be on auto.

magenta, Mar 26, 7:41am
It sends fine The instruction book is very muddly but as soon as you turn faxability on you cannot change the answer mode.

gyrogearloose, Mar 26, 7:55am
Try all of the distinctive ring options and turn on auto-answer somehow, is there a button on the front panel?

magenta, Mar 26, 8:18am
I will have to try sending something from work. Tommorrow after changing the settings. I wish there was still that fax test service available. Thanks for your help.

gyrogearloose, Mar 26, 8:24am
There's a fax test here: 0508 500 499 courtesy of TelstraClear.

subo, Mar 26, 8:39am
Faxability not needed. I have the Brother 215c and no faxability. Not necessary with this multifunction. That is possibly your problem. Refer page 4-4 in the manual. Hope that helps. Failing that go to Heaps of useful info there. With the right settings,if you answer a phone call and wait until the fax noise comes through, just hang up and it will all happen.

magenta, Mar 26, 10:21am
Thankyou Gyro We live miles out in the country and need the fax to work. It has always worked before using faxability. I think maybe the cat has been sleeping on it and somehow pressed enough buttons to muck it up. Someone should write a book called "Why cats sleep on electronic gear". My mother had one that used to sleep on the Sky decoder. Poor service man must have wondered where all the fur came from.

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