Computer won't install printer

davicija, Mar 26, 8:47pm
Computer won't install printer Please help!!! After having my computer rebuilt and trying to reinstall the multifunction driver my computer will only install the scan function, won't acknowledge the printer part and my childs assignment needs to be printed out. How can i get my stupid comp (or maybe its the owner thats stupid!) to allow me to print?

oldman, Mar 26, 8:59pm
A few facts might help such as the make and model of the multifunction printer. I have (amongst others) a Epson CX1500 which requires the scanner drivers to be installed first, then the printer drivers, then what is called a USB patch. Without the patch the puter cant see the printer.

davicija, Mar 26, 9:58pm
Thanks I have an Epson cx9300f

kevin16, Mar 26, 10:10pm
Please post the procedure you used for installation, step by step,..

davicija, Mar 26, 10:31pm
Put disc in clicked install, when asked to pluged in cable from printer to computer, didn't seem to recognise that it was connected?

spyware, Mar 26, 10:59pm
You have to turn the printer ON after connecting it to a power source.

davicija, Mar 26, 11:13pm
Hahaha that much i do realise

kevin16, Mar 27, 12:29am
Have you tested the usb port to see if it works?, or tried another port?, windows should have detected it as well and you would have to cancel and close the 'windows hardware installer wizard',..

rainrain1, Mar 27, 1:52am
Hi Davi try this Go to start on desktop, click control panel, click printers and other hardware, click view installed printer. Make sure printer icon is ticked

oldman, Mar 27, 3:42am
I'm not saying it will work but its worth trying. Download and install the USB Interface Patch from (the Epson web site)

hellfritz, Mar 27, 8:13am
Check printer cartridges Some printers won't be acknowledged by computer due to low toner in ink cartridgesit happened to me when trying to install my Brother inkjet printer. Bought NEW cartridges and voila!!...working.

Hope that helps.

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