canon ip4000 printer

bbydol, Mar 27, 10:58pm
Canon ip4000 printer hi i have a canon ip4000 printer, i want to print some single credit card size business cards. Trouble is i dont for the life of me know where to put them in the machine. Am scared they are going to jam the machine. any help would be appreciated.

gyrogearloose, Mar 27, 11:16pm
I've got an iP3000, never tried business cards but for envelopes, I use the hopper at the back edge of the top, there is a sliding rest that you move move towards the right (looking from the front) and then stack the blank media. I had a quick glance for my manual but couldn't see it, I don't guarantee that single business cards will run through. Have you seen the push-out business cards that come on an A4 size sheet, guess maybe 24 on a page?

bbydol, Mar 27, 11:21pm
Hi yes i have used the ones on a full sheet but brought a pack of canon single cards, and even looking through my manual cant for the life of me think where i put them. lol

bbydol, Mar 28, 10:18am
Please does anyone know where to put the cards in this type of printer.

quarry3, Mar 28, 9:43pm
I dont think you can print that size - in any case, put the cards in the bottom tray. Smallest size is usually 6x4.

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