Hi, Printer won't print:

porsche9, Mar 28, 12:26am
Hi, Printer won't print: Can someone help; my printer is on, plenty ink, but it wont print. It says that it is not connected to the server or something similar. thanks

0800xford, Mar 28, 12:41am
is your print spooler running? it's a process that needs to be enabled to print. or are you printing via a network or wirelessly?

r.g.nixon, Mar 28, 12:50am
Restarting your computer solves many transient problems.

gyrogearloose, Mar 28, 1:06am
Be exact about It", and the error message Can someone help; my porsche is on, plenty fuel, but it wont go. It says that it is not connected to the road or something similar. thanks

porsche9, Mar 28, 1:56am
Computer wont Print: To 0800Oxford and r.g.Nixon, thank you for your response. will have to get the expert in.

nice_lady, Mar 28, 1:57am
'your' porsche eh ? yeh we believe you ....you could always try sitting inside it with the key in

0800xford, Mar 28, 1:57am
that's fine, but if you were SPECIFIC *maybe* we could help you to help yourself...

magenta, Mar 28, 2:42am
08800xford is right I have solved some problems by following the advice of others. Living in the backblocks means you often have to solve your own problems. Its also a lot cheaper. Most printer problem like yours turn out to be software problems and you can do it yourself. Have confidence. As a result my fax is now working! Thanks to Gyrogearloose.

0800xford, Mar 28, 2:45am
plug 'n play ftw! =p

nice_lady, Mar 28, 3:09am
Wrong port possibly ......controlpanel/printers/ right clik it then clik properties then clik whichever tab has ports listed and make sure you have usb selected (I assume it IS usb ? )

deodar, Mar 28, 3:26am
I've had that exact same message with USB Plug out.Oh well,I regret to inform
you I am not the designated printer
ambassador,being quite rude&obnoxious@ times so I have wasted enough time on this Q.Epson
my funny bone tells me,but it could
be the weather playing merry hell.

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