access is denied when exec through cmd

Access is denied when exec through cmd anyone know whats up with that??....I put in the full path in cmd and wont execute the file just says access is denied....

geek_efff-u-up, Mar 28, 2:14 pm

Gawd.........psychic bone is broken from overuse jsut WHAT are you trying to do ? what's the operating system and what command EXACTLY are you trying ?

geek_nice_lady, Mar 28, 2:20 pm

Awits windows XP...and I am launching an exploit in which I have launched on my other computer it does work. The command is just the simple path of where the executable is. C:/"program.exe"....its for testing reasons on my game server...not for malicious use just thought id let you know.

geek_efff-u-up, Mar 28, 2:37 pm

Try relocating the exe .

geek_nice_lady, Mar 28, 2:51 pm

Try this way "C:\program.exe"

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 28, 2:51 pm

Or just use the Q? for correct syntax.Sin tax is 50%
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geek_deodar, Mar 28, 3:25 pm

no you dont add the "" in cmd..C:/"program.exe" was just an example without the ""....sorry bout that.

Also I have tryed from another location..desktop, and documents. But not programfiles so ill try that since thats where the main files are to the programs I run. Im wondering if a firewall could cause this??....maybe some sortv local settings on my zone alarm software

geek_efff-u-up, Mar 28, 3:28 pm

A firewall...? Why not cd to the location and run from there?

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 28, 3:42 pm

/ vs \ ?

geek_0800xford, Mar 28, 3:46 pm

Yes we will help you play hackers can we also come to jail with you?

geek_ferita, Mar 28, 4:12 pm

10do you not read all of the thread??...I am testing the exploit to see if my game server is can go to jail and be BFed all night long because you sound like a gay and would love that

geek_efff-u-up, Mar 28, 8:04 pm

And this is why dickheads don't get help Your / should be \, that's been pointed out a couple of times now but you haven't bothered to confirm you've tried it the right way around....

geek_wogadopolous, Mar 28, 8:18 pm

Voted. w@nker doesn't deserve help

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 28, 8:21 pm

yeah, lovely aye

geek_0800xford, Mar 28, 8:31 pm

12hmm post# 10 doesnt look like help to me??the \ / didnt make a think I wouldn't have tryed it. I have tryed all suggestions suggested in this thread before I even thought to ask you empty headed things. Anyway forget it I'm better off asking some overseas forum they'll "help" me out weather Im a dickhead or not..:)

geek_efff-u-up, Mar 28, 9:30 pm

"I have tryed all suggestions suggested in this thread before I even thought to ask you empty headed things." really?

geek_0800xford, Mar 28, 9:33 pm

Access is Denied Exec to Cmd This could be as a result of a DLL file missing in your programme. When the EXE file executes it looks for files to run the program, one of these is a DLL file. To remedy you may have to find another copy or use a missing file search program. Plenty to be found on the internet.

geek_vanmonliz, Mar 29, 8:59 am