Epson Stylus Photo Printer

kiwibrit2, Apr 7, 4:16am
Epson Stylus Photo Printer I have the above printer R300 series and it has given good service until now. It printed off an e mail with no bother and hasn't worked since! Any ideas what I could try?


kevin16, Apr 7, 4:28am
Try printing a test page,..

sanders4, Apr 7, 5:34am
Printers Remove then re install with new drivers, thats what I did for similar problem and all was fine. Latest drivers available from

kiwibrit2, Apr 8, 6:50pm
Epson R300 printer Thanks for advice, will try to get a new driver from UK.


crab2, Apr 8, 8:02pm
Lol you don't need to get it from the UK there is one for NZ, just go to and then to downloads. Put in your printer model and go from there.

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