Windows Vista Home Premium

anneblami, Mar 28, 11:47pm
Windows Vista Home Premium Does this OS come preloaded with MS works? Just bought new computer this week and was told by retailer that to get MS word, we'd need to buy MS office 2007 as our old Works 2003 program would not work on vista. So, bought Office 2007 Home and Student, loaded it up, and activated it. Next day, I find MS works on all programs list, with word!!! PLease tell me, have I bought a $150.00 program for nothing or not?

mazdasix, Mar 28, 11:55pm
.As far as I know, Vista doesn't come with Office or Works.

nzmu, Mar 29, 12:10am
Vista does not come with Word or WorksHP and Compaq throw Works onto some computers still and is a full usable version.

tom9, Mar 29, 12:11am
You haven't wasted your money Xp or Vista dont come with Microsoft office. $150 was a good buy as well.

anneblami, Mar 29, 12:30am
It comes with mircosoft works, and microsoft office trial, i think the sales person mis read the package deal, so they will have to refund us the money, as works is not a trial, the office trial has to activated, and the works is just there. Not sure what they are going to do with office though, as we have already put it on pour pc before we realised works was there, hmmm

dunedin_ree, Mar 29, 12:34am
Office is way better and more compatible than Works. Ditch works and keep office.

anneblami, Mar 29, 12:35am
I don't do a lot on works, only typing up minor documents, i'm not a student, and don't run a business, we previously had works 93?? it was hardly used.

pomegal, Mar 29, 7:49am
When we bought our new computer we loaded our office 2000 onto it too or should i say some of the programs, we were sold a antivirus with this computer that is not compatible with windows mail!!!! so had to take it off as it took the body out of the e mail messages

nice_lady, Mar 29, 8:00am
Lol was that norton by some chance ? whatever it was it'd only be a configuration problem and coulda been easily fixed. Pebkac

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