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rambo24, Mar 29, 4:41am
Adobe flash player i have just tried to get into the my lotto website, it says i have to have the latest adobe flash to use it.I have tried to download it but its not working, what am i doing wrong?

sirfer, Mar 29, 4:45am
For starters, not posting enough info...maybe try and get the latest adobe flash installer from there?

rambo24, Mar 29, 7:32am
Anyone else have any other suggestions

dunedin_ree, Mar 29, 7:34am
Some more information would help what do you mean by "not working", what EXACTLY are you doing?

rambo24, Mar 29, 7:41am
If i log onto the mylotto website it says that i need adobeflash player and its says click here to download (something to that effect) anyway I do that and it comes up with the page to download it.Theres a yellow bar at the top that says something about active x

dunedin_ree, Mar 29, 7:42am
And what exactly does the bar say? Have you read it?

rambo24, Mar 29, 8:04am
It also says that i need java script to be able to read it, sorry not into computers so wouldn't have a clue what it all means,up until now i have been able to get into the lotto site no problem.

westshore2, Mar 29, 8:17am
Lotto website I cant go in to my lotto website , and have download adobe flash player. but still cant get in to it it been like that 4 about a week now.

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