Trying to install CD on Acer mini tower

taurushat, Mar 29, 5:31am
Trying to install CD on Acer mini tower I want to install CD programe for MP3 player. I have a Acer mini tower and the CD is mini (only 80mm in diameter). The mini tower has a slot (not a drawer). I'm scared of getting the CD stuck and not being able to eject it...would this happen?

simonfphotos, Mar 29, 5:33am
Trying to install CD Shouldn't be a problem. They are designed to work with all CD players

taurushat, Mar 29, 5:39am
I put it in the slot but it seems too small to go any further than the entrance, I would need to actually use something to push it right in if that makes sense.

dunedin_ree, Mar 29, 5:49am
NO! don't put it in the slot. Try downloading from the manufacturers website, or ask a friend with a regular tray loading CD to copy the contents onto a USB drive for you.

taurushat, Mar 29, 5:55am
Ohhhh thank you so much dunedin_ree I have haven't done it ...will take your advise. Thanks again. It just didn't seem suck the disc in like normal.

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