Not PC. "But now it's getting boring so we're

badcam, Mar 29, 7:59am
Not PC. "But now it's getting boring so we're playing around"...Yeeeeeee Hawww! :

boots0016, Mar 29, 8:30am
Check this out

badcam, Mar 29, 8:33am
2. Actual. That's part of my post's clip. Isn't it?

boots0016, Mar 29, 8:56am
Humble apoligies Badcam I'd seen the first part of that clip b4 and thought it was old.
Bloody good fun I reckon.

badcam, Mar 29, 9:06am
I've parachuted a few times, but that's just WILD!

deodar, Mar 29, 9:09am
So now if it gets boring..Go Cliff Jumping.

boots0016, Mar 29, 9:21am
Any time you are keen deodar Go 4 it

boots0016, Mar 29, 9:30am
Me to badcam, back in the early 70s We used mainly old surplus army gear. Sport parachuting was just starting to take off. Square chutes (ram air canopies) were just coming on the scene. One of the most fun sports ever.

0800xford, Mar 29, 9:33am
wow, clip off skis oO.

billybob57, Mar 29, 10:52am
Thats F#@kin INSANE man ....and has the potential to go so so wrong, red mark on a rock material,jesus that dude flying past the road was too close for me

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