Need to buy printer -What brand ?

james63, Mar 29, 10:58am
Need to buy printer -What brand ? Thats compatible with an Imac & reasonable cost effective to run and trouble free. Want it to print mostly in black and scan. Home use only

simonfphotos, Mar 30, 3:48am
Need to buy a printer OK exactly what do you want to do. You said you want to scan so you will need a multifunction printer.
If you are doing lots of printing mainly text then maybe a laser printer as they are much cheaper to run.
Epson make great printers. The printers cheap HP printers are crap. Be aware that inkjet printers can be very expensive to run. Can cost up to $80 per ink cartridge.

morrisman1, Mar 30, 4:36am
I have a canon mp240 with my macbook and it works really well with OSX. im not saying that its the best option for you but it works well for me. prints nice quality photos if you want but it would be cheaper to get a chemist to print them. print speed is good. cartridges yield about 450 pages and cost about $40. if you dont print colour then i would suggest you get a laser, they are much cheaper to run and are a lot faster. there are some cheap compact lasers that do great text quality, some are crap at graphics but you dont buy a b/w laser for high quality pictures.

deodar, Mar 30, 4:51am
Who gives a Shut what you choose. I don't make commissions on ink or
printers.What I'm happy with may
not be for someone who can't make
up their own mind or research the
options.Biro's are good.

simonfphotos, Mar 30, 5:19am
First James is asking for some info. Thats doing research. Advise from people who have had experience can be better then so called reviews, as they only tend to have the product for a short time.
Also we are all here to help one another. My suggestion is that if you have nothing productive to add then to out it very politely go away!!!
If this wasn't a family show Id be much more explicit!

james63, Mar 30, 5:49am
My need I photocopy and print about 30 odd black print pages a week. Scan occasionally. Thanks for the info about laser printers. All my photos a get printed at the chemist so a colour copier isnt important.

0800xford, Mar 30, 5:58am
o/t why don't we call printer ink - prink?

deodar, Mar 30, 7:03am
Ahem,ok then.Stay clear of Epson(Even at price) Ink is actually more than printer.
I have 2 I bought for 1/2 ink price
& one kept insisting it was out of
ink with new cartridges in it.So I
got a Canon charged with ink for
the price of Epson Cartridges.It
still has plenty of ink,is an iP1800 and prints photos off on the
shiny paper really well.Ink jet spray ink,Lasers need constant cleaning.Can I interest you in an Epson Stylus;Real Good Printer New
In Its Box?!

simonfphotos, Mar 30, 7:06am
Printer Ok if you are printing and photocopying then you want a laser printer. Inkjet will be expensive to run.
You can get colour laser printers now but they are more expensive.
A Mono Laser printer multifunction goes for about $500. Colour is about $1500.

crab2, Mar 30, 8:03am
where do you get the idea that ink for Epson is $80 per cartridge, I have just bought 4 for our Epson multifunction and it cost me $67 for all 4 cartridges. Epson has be the best and most reliable and we prefer that brand. We had Brother multifunction after the 1st Epson packed up after years of use and it lasted a whole year. We have another Epson and it has given us no problem and have had it 3yrs now.

simonfphotos, Mar 30, 8:19am
In reply to crab2. Niote that I said CAN cost. Not necessarily Epson but I know some HP cartridges cost about that.

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