In Dreamweaver, how would you

martha08, Mar 31, 3:27am
In Dreamweaver, how would you put in a picture, but have a scroll bar at the bottom to pan to the left or right of the photo? In other words if the picture was a panoramic picture and you didn't want to embed the whole width of the picture just an average sized image window, but also have the ability to scroll to see the other side of the image. Similar to the side scrolling option of a trademe page but having the scrolling at the bottom instead of the side. Ta

soodanim, Mar 31, 3:32am
I suggest instead of actually coming in here and asking how to use dreamweaver all the time...Go google some tutorials and also read up on website design....What you are trying to do is considered an design no no....yuk.

soodanim, Mar 31, 3:35am
If you mean scrolling within the page itself....that's different of course...but again...go do some research.

mysteryman007, Mar 31, 4:26am
I think the term you maybe looking for is inline frames? im not a big user of dreamweaver so cant tell you straight off, but try googling "inline frame dreamweaver help" or something similar.

malachiman, Mar 31, 5:12am
You can do it in CSS which is way better than frames

bidda2, Mar 31, 5:15am
Eeewwww horizontal scrolling! Hopefully that helps :p

ferita, Mar 31, 5:17am
Why not just put the smaller size and link it to a larger sized one so they can see if big if they want to

martha08, Mar 31, 10:06am
I suggest if you do not have the knowledge to answer the question, then don't.

martha08, Mar 31, 10:07am
don't want to link to another page. Would like to use a space within the page

dunedin_ree, Mar 31, 10:09am
It'll look horrible but you can use an iframe. I'd caution you against it though, why not use the image scripts that open the image in a layer over the top of the rest of the page (similar to what trademe do)? Lightbox, etc?

soodanim, Mar 31, 10:15am
Lol I do but I don't feel like sharing with people that won't help themselves. My "suggestion" was you use the information readily available on the internet and you'd also see what you want to do is a crappy idea....but you carry on.

martha08, Mar 31, 11:03am
Thank you , that is exactly what I was looking for

martha08, Mar 31, 7:36pm
this is the information readily avaliable on the interenet (trademe) Its just information you didn't know. Its ok

soodanim, Mar 31, 7:43pm
Lol think what you like, your own laziness will come back to bite you in the bum one day. It's OK :)

mysteryman007, Mar 31, 8:22pm
No probs martha08.

greghale, Mar 31, 8:56pm
Go to help in dreamweaver and it has all the help you need

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