MS Access 2007 help please

blue_eyes2009, Mar 31, 8:51pm
MS Access 2007 help please I need to place a button on a form I am creating.
The button needs to be a button that clients click on to submit the work order form I created and then the admin staff receive it via email.
I need to know how to set the commands for the button please so that this action happens.

blue_eyes2009, Mar 31, 8:53pm
Continuedcurrently I have placed the button in my form and its showing in design view and i have labelled it "submit form". just need to attach the email action to it!

gyrogearloose, Mar 31, 8:54pm
Google microsoft access email attachment and look at some examples.

soodanim, Mar 31, 8:56pm
The form is part of a website ? ...

soodanim, Mar 31, 8:59pm
Ohdoh! OK i obviously need more coffee, I'll go do that...sorry.

blue_eyes2009, Mar 31, 9:07pm
Lol, that's ok soodanim enjoy yr coffee!
I have never used Office 2007 and Office 2003 was much easier to use.
any help appreciated....

blue_eyes2009, Mar 31, 9:12pm
great help , not quite what I need trying to assign the command to email the form once the button is clicked

gyrogearloose, Mar 31, 9:26pm
- and I'm suggesting you look at examples like:

blue_eyes2009, Mar 31, 9:27pm
Thank you! will go have a look now. Access 2003 is much easier to use!

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