grassgrass123, Mar 31, 10:25pm
Torrents? How many people around the world think download using torrent? I think the amount of pppl that torrent in New Zealand must be in the 200,000 thousand? This is just a guess. Im really curious aye

whakatanerocks, Mar 31, 10:32pm
Somewhere between 0 and 4,173,460(Based on July 2008 Figures)

grassgrass123, Mar 31, 10:51pm
Well im 100% sure its not 0 for obvious reasons.

bidda2, Mar 31, 10:56pm
Grassgrass How bright exactly are you?

gyrogearloose, Mar 31, 11:49pm
I know the exact answer! it's equal to the number of people that UPLOAD with torrent.

imstillhungry, Apr 1, 12:06am
Haha yeah right. Seed during download maybe.

papariccardo, Apr 1, 10:13am
I love lamp Ooops - I mean, I love torrents! Just wish I could get more kiwi stuff, like 'hunger for the wild' & so on.

flewy, Apr 1, 10:15am
Torrents nothing beats white water paddling.

paddaricko, Apr 1, 10:44am
Diwana is a good one for Ozzie and NZ torrents papariccardo. can't recall seeing Hunger for the wild on there though.

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