Help printing a pdf file please....

gillies08, Apr 3, 7:01am
Help printing a pdf file pleaseHi, I have an email attachment I need to print.. It will only open in Adobe Reader 8 (tried to open in word and it's a whole bunch of symbols etc)Every time I try to print a message comes up saying...
Can not print is printer available?
Printer is working fine on every other program.. Any ideas??


r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 7:04am
Check page size and orientation? .

lenny7, Apr 3, 7:26am
Have you downloaded Adobe...

r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 9:44am
Two more comments Adobe 8 is not safe any more. Either get version 9.1 (very large download), or a better idea is to get the free (much smaller) Foxit version 3.

richard112, Apr 3, 6:52pm
Maybe not much help, but I use Adobe pagemaker for my final stuff & Word only for rough drafts. I know that you can 'place' a pdf file into a pagemaker document, & it then becomes apart of that document. ie opens & prints in Pagemaker. I feel you should be able to do similar with Word, but don't know which buttons to push. Any Word experts out there for comment?

0800xford, Apr 3, 7:14pm
this thread reminds me to try some more free pdf viewers, i dislike foxit's trickey, which is getting worse. pity, it's a really nice app. i have 5 to try here

gillies08, Apr 3, 9:31pm
Thanks everyone I'm going to uninstall v8 and try 9.1..

yorick, Apr 3, 9:56pm 3 is an option if a bit excessive. Download and install and then put on the PDFimport extension. It has the additional advantage of allowing you to edit the PDF if you want

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