Fax/printer/scanner BIG problem

boonie63, Mar 11, 3:30am
Fax/printer/scanner BIG problem Can anyone help me? We have a Brother MFC5440CN. We were in 'menu/set' changing something yesterday and now (horrors) we cant use our 'slingshot broardband' at the same time as we are faxing, which we are having to do alot of at the moment. Also our phone line wont work at the same time.
I have the Brother manual and under phone line type it has the option 'normal' or 'adsl'. It was on normal, we have changed it to adsl thinking that this is what we may have changed by accident, but 'hellooo', it has made no difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

johnlyn, Mar 11, 4:09am
If... you are faxing it needs the phone line, printer and scanner don't

soodanim, Mar 11, 4:11am
Yes but it shouldn't disconnect adsl when in use, it's the same as making a phone call....Does the printer have a "return to default/factory settings"? If you really can't remember what you changed.

boonie63, Mar 11, 5:03am
Ok, so should we be in adsl mode? The thing is, we were using everything at the same time just fine until yesterday wen 'mere male' pushed too many buttons it seems.

soodanim, Mar 11, 5:07am
I would assume so but can't confirm, never used one. Reset the settings and see what happens then make changes and take note what you have done, if it doesn't work then change it back.

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