Have to reset adsl modem/wifi at least daily..WHY?

mraffman, Apr 4, 10:26am
Have to reset adsl modem/wifi at least daily..WHY? Whats wrong with my internet it's so frustrating - I have a Dynalink RTA1320 with latest firmware and a belkin wireless router. We use pcs and macs all wirelessly in the flat (3 macs 2 pcs). Every day at least I have to reset the modem/router to get the internet to go. Usually I'll turn my laptop on and it isn't able to get a ip address from the dhcp on the wireless routerhave to reset it. Other times I can connect to wireless but the modem has pooped itself and wont let me connect ( styles) and have to reset it aswellwhy would this happen so regularly? Very frustrating! Same thing seems to happen with a separate modem/wifi in one unit (dlink). Xnet connection in Dunedin ...fairly close to exchange etcHELP!!!

dunedin_ree, Apr 4, 10:32am
Are you sure it's the internet? if you log into the router with a cable, does it show that you still have your ADSL connection (or not)?

kiwigal, Apr 4, 10:36am
I had a smailer problemAll I had to do was run the wizard, when I did the change without wizard - it wouldn't save changes. Try doing wizard again.

mraffman, Apr 4, 10:37am
While I'm not 100% certain I vaguely remember testing it once and it didn't workI think like the modem kinda overloads or something - all the lights turn on etcvery odd

dunedin_ree, Apr 4, 10:38am
Cut out the middle-man connect computer directly to modem.

bidda2, Apr 4, 11:43am
I have the same problem and I'm pretty sure it's because I overload it with connections (torrents) I'm going to run for a week or so without download (GASP) and see if it helps. Do you torrent?

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