Acer aspire 3000 power cord needed!!!

Acer aspire 3000 power cord needed!!! My sons power cord and adapter thing has got cut in half. is it possible to get it repaired or does someone have one that they dont need...thanks in advance

geek_petal10, Apr 5, 9:59 am

Try dick smith they might have similar cords for sale

geek_ferita, Apr 5, 10:33 am

I rang them and they want about $150 for one so i thought this might be a cheaper option

geek_petal10, Apr 5, 10:59 am

Is the cord goling in or out of the adapter. If its the in going one it should be cheap if its the one thats connected and cant be removed it will be expensive. May be cheaper trying to get one from an overseas site.

geek_ferita, Apr 5, 11:02 am

==here you go $82

geek_thunderstorm, Apr 5, 11:06 am

==your welcome

geek_thunderstorm, Apr 5, 8:41 pm

Wasnt being rude...just been dealing with my son and his ear infection...nothing like a sick kid to interupt life. thanks thunderstorm

geek_petal10, Apr 7, 5:27 am

==all good. it was just a smart arse bump :) Hope your son is better, Sick kids blegh :S

geek_thunderstorm, Apr 7, 4:32 pm

U may find one for $40 0n here

geek_deus701, Apr 7, 5:35 pm

You can repair cables on the low voltage side of the adapter, just trim up the ends, strip the insulation off the copper, thread through heatshrink, twist together the ends and solder, heatshrink, and then make a Z around the repair and use electrical tape to give some strength.

geek_gyrogearloose, Apr 7, 5:43 pm

Or like said go to the likes of jaycar by the same size plug and solder a new plug on, doesn't matter if the leads a bit shorter just make sure the polarity is the same, + center usually.

geek_got2bin2win, Apr 7, 5:49 pm