Just did a full restore on my lappy

kiwikidd77, Apr 5, 3:34am
Just did a full restore on my lappy it has XP Pro on a separate partition. When I reinstalled it all naturally it wiped everything which is what I expected, so no surprises there. BUT I did NOT have to type in the COA key nor activate with Microsoft until I did the update and got the WGA thingy. All running OK, just curious about not needing to enter the key, is that normal for a restore from a partition on a lappy?

nice_lady, Apr 5, 3:43am
On any system if you use the 'factory restore' its all in there ....c.o.a and all the drivers and a few apps and some rubbish you wont want lol

bidda2, Apr 5, 3:53am
Factory restore is just like a slip stream windows install, which includes entering the COA. I'm pretty sure it uses the factory COA which is different that one the one on the bottom of the laptop and doesn't require activation.

kiwikidd77, Apr 5, 5:20am
you're right about the added rubbish. managed to convince it NOT to install NORTONS. lol. OK so its built in to make it easy. great. I have learned something again today thanks to people on here.

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