help please with gmail - can't access from laptop

bilou2, Apr 6, 8:19am
Help please with gmail - can't access from laptop Have pc and wireless connection to be able to use laptop anywhere in house. Since Saturday the laptop won't let me access emails through gmail or my partner's through yahoo. It will go to entry site, put user name and password and then says "redirecting" and then bounces back to entry site page again. Perfect access on PC - has a setting been changed and I haven't noticed. Laptop has Windows Vista. Please help as it is very frustrating. Thanks

marl4, Apr 6, 8:23am
G mail i access g mail through google

bilou2, Apr 6, 8:34am
I normally just access to the sign in page using the drop down history and that is working - it is after I have put the password and user name it defaults back again to that same page and will not let me access the emails.

dunedin_ree, Apr 6, 8:36am
Have you got cookies enabled? ?

trevix2k, Apr 6, 8:36am
Have you tried scanning for malware/ spywares? try spybot S&D

bilou2, Apr 7, 2:46am
How would I do that scan? not very good computer person but am prepared to learn what i can.

simonfphotos, Apr 7, 3:07am
Cannot access Gmail. Ok can you access Gmail via your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox?)

ferita, Apr 7, 6:41pm
Perhaps your firewall is blocking scripting on that page.

little_egypt, Apr 7, 8:01pm
Sounds like a cookie problem? Check in internet options that you're still allowing cookies. Also check that the time and date are set correctly. And if you have some sort of third-party firewall software make sure it isn't blocking cookies either.

hdmovies, Apr 7, 8:14pm
Maybe you put in the wrong password .

crsdbl, Apr 7, 8:32pm
Is it constantly refreshing? i have had this happen before and i have it happening at the moment, i just email gmial through my other email account and they fix it pretty quick. i can access my email direct through google though, just not from my favourites list.

nice_lady, Apr 7, 9:18pm
To isolate the problem try a different browser if you are using IE try firefox for instance......if it works then it's an issue wiht IE....

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