Adblock plus filter for FF3.0

helpless, Apr 6, 9:45pm
Adblock plus filter for FF3.0 Whats the filter you use for blocking adds here. Installed Mepis 8.0 and it comes with 3.0 so its totally bugging me.I hate adds.

markfriend1, Apr 6, 9:48pm
Adblock plus .

helpless, Apr 6, 9:50pm
Yep..thats highly useful What is the syntax as I've entered a few attempts and it aint working..

bidda2, Apr 6, 9:55pm
Install it the same way you would on windows. and just install it.

helpless, Apr 6, 9:57pm
Already done what I needed thanks ,,worked it out myself..There gone

helpless, Apr 6, 9:59pm
And I'll give you a ps Doing it that way doesn't work on Mepis for some odd reason. I believe it's not properly working for 3.0 so beta builds are used.

bidda2, Apr 6, 10:00pm
OhGood to know. I'll need to know that when I start trying out different distros. Thanks

helpless, Apr 6, 10:03pm
Goodo..Apart from that minor problem Mepis 8.0's all good..Compiz working etc..

helpless, Apr 7, 1:01am
And heres a tip for anyone else that uses Linux and can't seem to get the addons to Install or download from the Mozilla addons site..Type about:config into the address bar of F/F and scroll down to network.dns.disableIPV6 and change its setting to True..Taken me hours to find thats what the problem is.

helpless, Apr 7, 1:09am
Probably should say all Operating systems not just the Penguin as I don't think it's Linux specific but it may be.

sirfer, Apr 7, 1:20am
Good tip helpless It's a Lenny-based bug, doesn't affect the windows FF3...once you do what you did, then the addons option in "tools" works.

helpless, Apr 7, 1:26am
I probably should have googled the problem when I first noticed it rather than looking for the .xpi files and installing them manually..Lucky I'm not charging myself for all the peeing about.

sirfer, Apr 7, 1:52am
Think of the money you could make! haha Took me ages to figure it out too and until now I didn't realise it had spread to is not a problem in ubuntu

sirfer, Apr 7, 2:17am
And on a sad note

bidda2, Apr 7, 2:17am
Is it really a debian bug? Because I haven't had any issues with installing addons in Firefox 3 (iceweasel)

sirfer, Apr 7, 2:33am
I have to do it in all the installs I do otherwise addons just don't work, but YMMV

bidda2, Apr 7, 2:37am
Ok thanks Mepis just finished downloading so I'll be giving it a try in the next few days.

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