This Seagate FreeAgent 500Gb Hard drive

This Seagate FreeAgent 500Gb Hard drive Is it the type that has problems like the 1Tb discussed in the other computing thread?

geek_cherise11, Apr 7, 2:03 pm

I've been using one at home (and two at work) for about six months now with no issues.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 7, 2:06 pm

Great, it doesn't have a fan apparently Does the lack of a fan mean it can't be left on for long periods of time?

geek_cherise11, Apr 7, 2:10 pm

Mine is always on and hasn't died yet. The drive itself only gets mildly warm even under pretty heavy use, and will spin itself down when not in use.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 7, 2:26 pm

Thanks, I needed to hear that sounds like what I'm after.

geek_cherise11, Apr 7, 2:28 pm

Me too however...does it come with software similar to the Maxtor one touch so it will automatically backup data, does it have a full system restore feature same as the Maxtor and does it have a button to push when you want to do a backup? Thanks.

geek_b.j.nichols, Apr 7, 2:30 pm

I went to get this one at the Featherstone Street branch of Dick! Smiths yesterday. Said on there site that they had it. Went to the shop and they didn't. Dick'salright. Ringing the branch first is a good idea.

geek_paddaricko, Apr 7, 3:08 pm

Yes, it pays to check availabilty The model I want has sold out on the Shore except Albany, only 2 left there an hour ago. Maybe I'll get a hard drive and an enclosure like I first planned.

geek_cherise11, Apr 7, 3:36 pm

@6It comes with backup software but I wouldn't recommend using it - for some reason it will not back up 'special' folders (including 'My Picture', 'My Music' and 'My Videos'). No buttons at all on the device, so no one touch backup or anything like that. Instead of the bundled software I use Comodo backup - it's free and works great for file backups.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 7, 4:04 pm

I don't like mine sits on a flimsy stand, poky wee mini usb cable, feels vulnerable and cheap, not good for peace of mind.

geek_kylestyle, Apr 7, 6:04 pm

Stick with something like Western Digital the only drives that failed on me was seagate.

geek_deus701, Apr 7, 9:47 pm

There is a bonus with the seagate hdd tool That updates the hdd bios. It will do a search of the hdd's & display the FULL hdd bios info including version numbers that you can check to make sure if you need the update & display what version hdd's you have. Go here ( ), find the link down the bottom of the page that says "Click here for the firmware update procedure" & it will explain what I am talking about.

geek_mrfxit, Apr 7, 11:13 pm