Word template locations

geek_dputt, Apr 8, 7:20 am
Word template locations anybody know anything about this subject

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 8, 7:21 am
Ask a question and find out.

geek_dputt, Apr 8, 7:23 am
Ok then At work we tried to set up some common templates using the workgroups location for templates. We created a new directory in a common place and directed word to it using file locations. However in the morning we had to redirect it back to the new location as it seems to default at night back to the original unwanted location.

geek_dputt, Apr 8, 8:10 am
Any ideas on how to fix this

geek_tez, Apr 8, 7:31 pm
WellBest place for these sorts of questions is actually www.tek-tips.com or experts-exchange. That said...

In Word 2003 that should work ok for you, you can actually push that change out from Group Policy which will make the setting stay for the users. If you create sub-dirs and put templates into them under your shared templates folder they appear as tabs in the new document, from template on my computer window.

geek_dputt, Apr 9, 8:27 am
Thanks for the reply

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