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casey46, Apr 8, 1:39am
ADSL splitters has anyone had one of these put in and is it worth the expence and make a difference?? TIA.

lifesteala, Apr 8, 1:49am
If... you are on ADSL broadband it is required on all jacks in the house. Even the SKY jack if you have sky. If you have 5 or more jacks, you'll need telecom to install a house splitter so you don't need 5 or more separate splitters around the house. Splitter's affects the performance and allows you to use the phone while your on the internet. Hope that helps.

casey46, Apr 8, 1:52am
Thanks for that but I want to know if it does increase the speed and is worth the cost.

soodanim, Apr 8, 1:54am
Well I don't have one but I wouldn't expect a huge difference unless you have too many things connected to the phone lines/monitored alarm etc. It might help a bit....Why do you ask?

lifesteala, Apr 8, 1:56am
It... doesn't increase the speed but your reliability can fluctuate. Speeds will go up and down which happens when you receive phone calls as it causes interference with the broadband data. Splitters are about $15-$18 ea.. That was when I was on ADSL 4 years ago. Without a splitter you may experience connection drops also. (Which my brother inlaw experienced when they weren't using one)

soodanim, Apr 8, 1:57am
Splitters aren't filters...splitters are installed on a dedicated jackpoint. Don't get confussled.

soodanim, Apr 8, 1:58am
Hmmm that didn't make sense i don't know...I am ssshhhh going now

lifesteala, Apr 8, 1:59am
Yep @ #6 It splits the phone line up.

casey46, Apr 8, 2:00am
SORRY I might have used the wrong terminology it is a dedicated adsl line and costs about $150 to have installed.

soodanim, Apr 8, 2:03am
Yes I know what you mean #1 is talking about a decidated jackpoint so filters aren't required. Did your brother inlaw require that do you mean?

lifesteala, Apr 8, 2:04am
..... Each splitter YOU can buy and install for yourself costs up to $20 each. THAT IS only if you have less than 5 jacks in your house. If you have more than 5 a telecom techie will install 1 splitter on your phone line directly (which may incur a callout fee which I'm not sure what that is). You should also have got a FREE splitter when you signed up with broadband.(they send you a modem and a free splitter)

lifesteala, Apr 8, 2:05am
..... Oooo my bad. SORRY.. then she'll need a techie to install that. Not sure what the price is. Bro inlaw didn't need that..he had only 2 phone we just bought a extra splitter.

soodanim, Apr 8, 2:05am
No that a filter... ....splitters are different terminology and are hardwired into a phone jack.

casey46, Apr 8, 2:06am
Having established all that can anyone answer by query??.

soodanim, Apr 8, 2:07am
Lol see #4....why do you think you need one?

lifesteala, Apr 8, 2:07am
... Oh ok.. They always say splitter to me lol. I would get that Splitter (dedicated jackpoint) put in.. for reliable speeds and also so you don't experience connection drop outs.

soodanim, Apr 8, 2:09am
You shouldn't with filters either... lol unless.... never mind

lifesteala, Apr 8, 2:10am
Theoretically you shouldn't.. but my bro inlaw did..which was very annoying. I guess it depends where you are and how close you are to an exchange.

soodanim, Apr 8, 2:14am
You're confussling me... lol you said they were BEFORE they got the filters (what you call splitters) which would have been why

niwa.auckland, Apr 8, 2:17am
Back to Original Question by Casey64 In simple english, you require(suppose) to have splitter(device hardwired into one particular jack and you can access ADSL only from that jack, tech needed to install this) if you are using 5 or more phone jacks or got monitored alarm(or its connected to phone line regardless if its getting monitored or not) or you are in right at the end of 5Km range from exchance.. All splitter does is separate ADSL frequency from normal talking frequency and hence you get better service and in distance relation it makes connection more stable(related to dissconnections and good speed)..
Conclusion: If you don't have any sort of alarm system and you are well in range of 5km from exchange(say 2 or 3 or even 4km), you should not spend $150 for splitter. I am 4.5km and getting good as speed without any splitter. Just use Filters($20 each and you plug them before plugging any phone device, no tech needed) on all the tel devices and you should be all good.

lifesteala, Apr 8, 2:17am
So sorry.. Before they had a FILTER, on a jack. Filter died so they were using net with out it..and experienced bad quality.

soodanim, Apr 8, 2:20am
That'll explain it... #20 that's already been I have asked why they think they need one.

_whatever, Apr 8, 2:20am
Lifesteala is talking a load of crap why do you think you need a splitter #1?

lifesteala, Apr 8, 2:30am
..... I apologize for confusing everyone.

shrapz, Apr 8, 3:48am
I have a dedicated phone jack and find it much better than having line filters. I had frequent drop outs with filters and with a dedicated jack i havent had a problem. it increased the line speed and reliability. Its worth it in my opinion. And when there is a problem you dont need to go through all the iscolate the line crap

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