Safely removing a USB printer - how?

bex24, Apr 10, 1:58am
Safely removing a USB printer - how? Can anyone tell me how you safely remove a USB printer if it does not appear as a USB device in the safely remove hardware box?

sighkick, Apr 10, 2:04am
Just unplug itAs far as I know, the facility to remove a device safely really applies to USB storage devices such as USB Memory Sticks, Flash Cards and Portable Hard Drives. You are asked to 'Safely Remove' the USB device to avoid scrambling your data. A printer has no data to scramble - you would naturally turn it off first. By contrast, a Memory Stick cannot be turned has power as long as it's plugged in. Hope that helps.

dunedin_ree, Apr 10, 2:16am
Safely remove it by wearing a high-vis jacket and rubber gloves.

bex24, Apr 10, 2:43am
Thanks - that makes sense. I guess I got confused because I have an XP machine where the printer does show up in the safely remove hardware box but the same printer does not show up on a laptop running Vista so I thought maybe the wrong drivers had been installed. Same applies to a Canon camera but it doesn't show in either the XP or Vista safely remove hardware box so assume this is how it's designed to work.

richms, Apr 10, 3:45am
Vista is a bit smarter when handling the multifunctions with a card reader on them it seems.

And the consumer canon cameras show as imaging devices not a storage device so there is no problems with corrupting a file system on them since you cant directly write files onto them.

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