Seagate 500GB ST3500320AS not detected

yangh1, Apr 11, 10:01pm
Seagate 500GB ST3500320AS not detected I have a seagate 500GB (ST3500320AS) which suddenly became undetectable by the BIOS when I attempted to boot up this morning (These things love to die on Holidayswhen shops aren't open). Important data was backed up on Friday evening, so I don't care if I lose any data on the drive. Apparently it looks like a fairly common problem for this particular model (Permanently in BSY mode) from searching around, but I couldn't find a solution for an already bricked drive amongst all the noise of anti-seagate comments and convoluted ideas. Short of sending it back to the retailer under warranty (From the label, it's "For OEM Distribution") Is there anyway known straight forward way to resuscitate this drive (with or without data) so I can get the affected machine operational again or is it as dead as a brick? I'm picking It would probably be months before a replacement is going to come back to me and will have to wait until Tuesday before I can buy a new replacement disk at non inflated prices.

swivel, Apr 11, 10:04pm
Never had a problem with these. And as it's an OEM then it has to go back to the PC maker. OEM doesn't have the normal Seagate warranty. So what model PC (Maker).

yangh1, Apr 11, 10:13pm
It affects disks with 'SD15' firmware so not all will be affected. The disk was bought as a separate item from a retailer (e-one, manukau) in October 2008 which has a 1 year warranty so will be bringing it back to the retailer. Just need to know if there is any hope of resuscitation so I can continue working with the affected machine.

swivel, Apr 11, 10:16pm
Well If they sold it to you, Take it back, they aren't aloud to sell OEM models, Was it sealed (As Seagate do). OEM are for Branded PC's (HP etc). OEM has a PC builders warranty only. Have you put it into another PC as a slave and scanned it ??

mrfxit, Apr 11, 10:47pm
Agreed Take it back to the "licenced system builder" (computer shop) where you brought it from & get them to deal with it. Private ppl Don't get OEM support from the manufactures. Oem = business

flewy, Apr 11, 10:49pm
Had exact same prob with exact same model, bought in jan failed in march.

mrfxit, Apr 11, 10:54pm
Here . . .

yangh1, Apr 12, 12:44am
I know, I learned about OEM arrangement...when I did a bit of searching earlier in the morning prior to coming here. As per my earlier posts, I will bring it in to the Computer shop who sold me the drive on Tuesday when they open again and discuss the matter with them. Anyway, I've sourced a suitably spec'd loan machine in the meantime so I can continue working until Tuesday. Many thanks to everyone who has replied.

art4ukiwi, Apr 12, 12:47am
I have a sata drive that used to do that alot what I discovered was that if I turned the PC off and un-pluged and then re-plugged the connector that went to the MOBO it all of a sudden worked again when rebooted. Why? I have no Idea. Maybe un-plugging it cleared out its cache or something. Got me.

art4ukiwi, Apr 12, 12:50am
Possibly one dirty pin on your data connection?it only takes one.

a tiny bit of CRC?

jmpcwiz, Apr 12, 4:45am
Oh man! I got the same drive 500gb SD15 firmware One question, if I upgrade the firmware from Seagate, does it delete everything?

pcfix4u, Apr 12, 5:31am
Hi jmpcwiz I updated the firmware on one with data on it, and it was fine. But if you don't back it up it wont be. LOL.
Always have plan B. What I would like to know is once they die will updating the firmware get them going. I have updated the firmware on 5 x 500gig Segates and they are all running sweet but only time will tell.

jmpcwiz, Apr 12, 9:23am
Thanks for the pcfix4uMy 500gb is a storage drive and also a backup drive. Wouldnt be too big deal too lose the data but would take weeks/months getting it back.

jmpcwiz, Apr 12, 9:56am
Errr actuallylooking at whats on the drive I think I will back some things up. Now I have to plug in my spare 250gb to back things up on it. Such a hassle and time consuming, but then I guess I will have a backup :D

marcozz, Apr 16, 9:03am
Yep Me too I wont be buying anymore Seagate crap no no,had 2 pack up on me,luckly i make back ups religisly,in a non biblical sense.Good luck.(i notice that the shops still stock & sell that horrid model hdd, buyer beware).

yangh1, Apr 17, 5:52am
The drive has since been RMA'd. The shop tested it and agrees that it's 'bricked'and will supposedly send it away. I've put the existing drive (only 80GB) back into my machine, picked up an external 2.5" 500GB hard disk earlier from DSE on Monday (Easter specials) and copied the contents of the backup onto the new external drive so the machine is now operational again.

yangh1, Apr 17, 5:55am
They are indeed still selling that particular model, but I suspect most of them being sold now will not have the infamous SD15 firmware on them.

yangh1, Apr 17, 6:00am
BTW: Just a heads up. Once an affected drive with SD15 is bricked in this fashion (no detect in BIOS), you won't be able to recover it by updating it's firmware apparently. It's either RMA time *OR* if you are feeling more adventurous, you could follow the solution on the MSDN forums where they detail a device you can create (But admittedly, I couldn't be shafted ringing around all the shops trying to find all the correct parts to make up this device)

lostdude, Apr 17, 7:09am
if your drive has failed but still detected in bios, then flashing it will return it to full functionality. I did on 1 of 2 that failed on me. The other I RMA'd & will never get back as the company has now gone under. I had 2 others which were fine but I flashed them anyway just in case, & all 3 have been chugging along ever since.

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