ADSL modems - help please

supershopper1, Apr 13, 6:49am
ADSL modems - help please Hi,
We've had the same D-link ADSL modem for over 3 years, its started driving me nuts as we keep having to restart it.. it keeps cutting out. I don't want to call xtra to be held on the phone for ages going through what we know already so thought I would ask here. Do these boxes have a certain lifespan? Would buying a new adsl-2 box fix it or do you think its another problem causing it to cut out. What normally happens is the two lights in the middle go off when it cuts out the status and adsl ones. Hoping someone can help cause I'm getting fed up fast!

dunedin_ree, Apr 13, 6:52am
Are you sure it's the internet disconnecting? or is it your wireless (for example) dropping out? Next time, try logging on to it and check. Have you updated the firmware?

dunedin_ree, Apr 13, 6:53am
The adsl light goes off? well that answers that try updating firmware. You could also have bad wiring, try another jack. Have you got filters on everything else?

paper-man, Apr 13, 6:56am
Firmware probably wont work. im guessing its the telecom free router they give you when you sign up. if it is then you cant touch the firmware. it sucks

supershopper1, Apr 13, 6:58am
Yep telecom free router yep filter on each jack in use, I can't try another jack where the computer is as its the only one in the room. So would buying a new one help?

paper-man, Apr 13, 7:00am
i know you dont want too but call xtra and ask them because (theres first for every thing.) they probably know more about that router (they had it specially made for NZ xtra customers)

dunedin_ree, Apr 13, 7:12am
not necessarily. You might have bad wiring or bad filters.

supershopper1, Apr 13, 7:32am
Hmm ok will phone xtra again then thanks for your help.

mrploppy, Apr 13, 7:39am
Power supply? According to my DSL-502 manual, the status light should be blinking once the modem has confirmed its connection status, and the ADSL led is on solid to indicate a valid link. If I remove my ADSL line, the status & ADSL leds both blink. If both go out, maybe you have a power supply problem (going low volts).

jancemord, Apr 13, 8:27am
After a nice little outage unplug all filters and if your nets fine its a filter (plug each device back in watching for your net dropping out ie if it drops out after you plug the 2nd filter in that filters faulty). Have you got a mate with another modem you could try (if you net does not drop out with there modem your modem has a fault) if it does you have a line fault and you need to ring xtra

ruki1, Apr 13, 11:45am
Get the line company telecom to test the line k.
If the adsl link is dropping out its probably a fault in their cable. My adsl dropped to 56k because of a corroded joint.

meng8742, Apr 13, 3:12pm
Hiask for a free wireless router if you resign for another 12 monthsif they say no just tell them you will quit and sign with (make up another isp) and say they are giving a new wireless router if you sign up with them.

fishb8, Apr 13, 7:12pm
A friend on Xtra kept dropping his connection so he called Telecom and they made several changes to his wiring/filters and his connection is good, now.

mrfxit, Apr 13, 7:47pm
Any mix of blimin hot weather /humidity & rain Cause's all sorts of connection problems to surface. . .

Std test is to disconnect ALL other devices from your phone jacks getting the house down to JUST the BB modem (On Cable connection to the net). Run that & note down what happens. . IF at that point it STILL fails, THEN contact the Tc BB help desk & explain whats going on & what you have done to isolate the problem.

If everything is ok after isolating the BB modem, then proceed to reconnect a SINGLE device (ph or xbox or fax etc) at a time & test each NEW addition till something causes the problems you are describing. After that it's back to the Tc BB helpdesk with your results or replace whatever it is that appears to have caused the problem . . This is the std type testing procedure that ALL internet help desks will (or should) be asking you to do.

** (isolate /test, THEN add devices 1 by 1 testing the system EACH time untill something falls over.)

sko123, Apr 13, 8:42pm
I had the adsl light going out all the time last week my adsl started flashing and i couldn't get on the internet. i went down to dse and got an adsl router for $70 which fixed everything

kiwi-eyes, Apr 14, 12:52am
Agree with ask how you may get a new free modem.

b4 xtra gave out the free wireless modem. we rang to ask when adsl2 was happening near us and we got sent a new adsl2 modem.

On the thought of low volts my neighbour looses connect while the washing machine is in use.

lostdude, Apr 14, 1:33am
since when couldn't you touch D-Link firmware? if it's around 3 years old then it's either the DSL-3xx or 5xx series which CAN be flashed. I've flashed countless D-Links & once done, they've worked non-stop. I still have a 502T flashed model that works

supershopper1, Apr 14, 8:17am
Thanks for the ideas I've kindly been offered a borrowed one to see if that works but I might hit telecom up for a new one, we've had our sky, broadband and phone account with them for donkies years so I recon they owe us by now. Lostdude how do you flash a D-link? If you could explain it step by step that would be great!

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