iPhone 3G on Telecom's 3G Network?

IPhone 3G on Telecom's 3G Network? does anyone know if telecom are going to have the iPhone 3G on their new network when it is released in june? im sure people could put it on telecom network, i am contemplating weather or not to switch to vodafone just for the iPhone i would rather stay with telecom.

geek_joeb66, Apr 14, 11:26 am

??? nope the iphone only for vodafone

geek_phillbit, Apr 14, 11:38 am

You will have to wait Until launch date and see. I'm sure you can hold out a couple more months.

geek_profink, Apr 14, 11:39 am

In terms of Compatibility, I would say yes. As Telcoms new network will be on the 850Mhz frequency, and the iPhone is able to be used on that frequency.

geek_renkin, Apr 14, 11:58 am

Yes the iPhone 3G will work but chances are telecom wont be selling it (probably due to contracts between vodafone and apple) so if you wanted an iphone on telecom then you could buy a vodafone one and just put a telecoms sim card in it.

geek_morrisman1, Apr 14, 12:29 pm

Looks like ill just wait and see if telecom sell it, i might just put a telecom sim card in it. thanks

geek_joeb66, Apr 14, 12:34 pm

Telecom will not sell the iPhone 3G this year. Vodafone has the only contract with Apple. Yes, the iPhone 3G will work provided that it is unlocked, the iPhone 1st Generation will also work seeing as Telecom will support the 850mhz frequency. 3G will work on 2100mhz which Telecom will have in June. I'm going to put my iPhone 3G on Telecom most likely but if I were you I would make the most of the iPhone 3G now!

geek_l624628, Apr 14, 12:57 pm

1st Gen iPhone will not work TNZ are not using GSMIt's WCDMA at 850 & 2100mhz. So only the 3g version will work.

geek_profink, Apr 14, 3:22 pm

yea profink is 100% right

geek_mikep2000, Apr 14, 3:30 pm

New Generation coming in June. And well Apple seems to restrict it to once carrier per country

geek_wholesaler, Apr 14, 3:32 pm

yeh but that doesnt mean you cant put an iphone on telecom. It will work. iPhoes in NZ are unlocked, even if they aren't you can unlock them with software

geek_nakiarnie, Apr 14, 4:17 pm

Correct me if i'm wrong but...telecom phones dont have sims? so how do you interchange phones like the iphone between the networks?

geek_nesh1, Apr 14, 4:20 pm

In June Telecom are introducing sims

geek_wholesaler, Apr 14, 4:21 pm

Ohhhh! thanks wholesaler! that explains it

geek_nesh1, Apr 14, 4:24 pm

A few months back the apple nz site had the iPhone for both Telecom and Vodafone, it was quickly removed but not before people took screenshots and splashed them around the Internet. So based on that I say yeah the iPhone is coming to Telecom

geek_evoeater, Apr 14, 4:55 pm

Meh why on earth would anyone want anything to do with telecom? can't imagine them running a gsm networkseems too technologically advanced for them.

geek_jannbee, Apr 14, 6:56 pm

Re. 16 ITS NOT GSM, GSM is dead, its WCDMA now.

geek_mikep2000, Apr 14, 7:07 pm

Should work .. i can see the network already in my office in the cbd with my 3g iphone - so cant see any reason why if i didnt have a sim they wouldnt let it - Vodafone NZ iphones are unlocked which is pretty rare worldwide so they dont seem to care.

geek_mikek, Apr 14, 7:15 pm