stupid adobe acrobat

gorbulas, Apr 14, 9:19am
Stupid adobe acrobat only zooms into 6400%

beca2, Apr 14, 11:02am
I know. What is this? 2009?

0800xford, Apr 14, 2:30pm
uggh, this reminds me i still haven't tried out my foxit replacements...

pcmaster, Apr 14, 2:36pm
Finally updated foxit to the latest one from version 1.something lol, i'm slack at doing updates.

0800xford, Apr 14, 2:38pm
what do you think about all the extra trickery? =[

pcmaster, Apr 14, 2:39pm
Next question

0800xford, Apr 14, 2:45pm
spoiled it a bit aye. o/t why do people think abobe is a file extension (Oo.)

pcmaster, Apr 14, 2:48pm
I guess its because each time theres a pdf available on a website, next to the afformentioned link to it is generally the "adobe reader required" logo (even though adobe isnt really necessary at all)

pcmaster, Apr 14, 2:54pm
Also most people who use windows accept microsofts default view of keeping extensions hidden, and already have adobe reader installed, so they see "an adobe file" on their system, cos they don't know the extension is actually .pdf - heck it could also be a .exe.pdf file and they'd be none the wiser.

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