Canon printer inks

dlegg, Apr 14, 9:07am
Canon printer inks Just bought some new ones, now $29.99 from Harvey Norman they are $10.00 dearer since I originally used to pay, does anyone know of better prices?

mrads, Apr 14, 9:15am
Get them online from here:
I find that they last longer than original Canon ones. Excellent firm to deal with.

dlegg, Apr 14, 9:22am
Thanks I will try them

mrads, Apr 14, 9:33am
You are welcome. I assume you have an inkjet printer. Get the compatible inks and you will pay nearly a third at what you have been paying.

nzmu, Apr 14, 9:49am
I know of two Canon MX10's that were rendered totally useless after using third party inks. Be aware that the warranty becomes void if you use non-brand ink.

nzmu, Apr 14, 9:49am
Re MX710's not MX10's - sorry.

mrads, Apr 14, 10:00am
Do you mean a Canon MX700? The compatible inks are superb. It is a rip off and a myth that you should use original Canon inks. A new machine is approx $200, so let them use any excuse to void a warranty. You would save more than that in ink alone very quickly. What usually goes first is the drum which can be replaced. I have had no problems with my i6500 whatsoever using compatible ink.

nzmu, Apr 14, 10:07am
Yes MX700 manufacturers reserve the right to protect their equipment I suppose, by imposing the warranty clause on third party inks. Some as you say are fine, but there will always be some company out there willing to pass off total cr@p to unwitting customers. Canon wouldn't touch the machines after third party ink was used and I don't think that many would push it further.

mrads, Apr 14, 10:10am
Yes, I agree there are some suspect inks out there. The firm I quoted earlier only deal in the "quality" cloned ink.

richms, Apr 14, 12:27pm
budgetstore on *b*y has never let me down for quality inks - no idea if they do canons but the epson pigment inks I got look just as good as the real ones in the printing I do.

aktow, Apr 14, 2:46pm
Go to take your original ink cartridges to cartridge world and they will refill them for you.. around $10up. depends on model

rpvr, Apr 14, 10:31pm
The manufacturers can only void a warranty for using third party inks if the breakdown is ink related i.e they must honour the warranty for anything other than print head problems.

club100, Apr 14, 11:34pm
is correct and BTW - (a complete aside) - imagine if a car company said you could only use gas from one particular petrol company? Hmmmm - and my iPhone will only work on an expensive Vodafone plan....

richms, Apr 15, 12:50am
Lots of cars do say you can only use gas from certain places because so few sell 98 in NZ - if you take a car in for running rough and you have put low octane fuel in it, they have every right to charge you for the visit even tho you have a warranty.

kiwi_fisherman, Apr 15, 11:34am
Try They sell really good ink catridges for canon and in my case the CLI8 type come with chips. About half the price of canon. Printer works well with them too.

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