Why wont my printer use only black ink?

hermitonthehill, Apr 15, 7:43am
Why wont my printer use only black ink? I don't want to spend money on colours i wont use, but it keeps telling me it can't print because there's no magneta etc. Are there any ways to get around this??

datoofairy, Apr 15, 7:44am
Some printers mix colours to make black Costs a fortune! Better to chuck it out and buy a cheaper printer that can use black only.

hermitonthehill, Apr 15, 7:49am
But it has a black cartridge...

kevin16, Apr 15, 7:55am
What printer? probably not, dumb printer manufacturers, make you buy lots of colour ink just so you can use the black,..

hermitonthehill, Apr 15, 7:59am
Brother original

sanders4, Apr 15, 8:31am
Ink You will never fool a printer so just keep cartridges working and the unit will work. I have tried before with one of mine and it laughed at me!

erolyn, Apr 19, 2:00am
Printing black Go to preferences on printer dialog box and click on grayscale.

badaz_red, Apr 19, 2:06am
I mosty print in black Its cheaper. i set it in preferences

pawlovers, Apr 19, 2:11am
Or you could buy a cheap B+W Laser Printer ?

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