Help with Firefox and activeX

Help with Firefox and activeX Have swapped a desktop to a laptop. Have installed firefox 3.0.8 (exactly like the desktop), have added the addons that i want. BUT some online game websites (that i used on the previous computer) now say that i need activeX and i can't play the games unless i open up IE, which i don't want to as i don't think my computer is safe. (i have googled to find the addons, but they're not working). Any help would be appreciated, thanks

geek_louise183, Apr 15, 10:53 pm

Tried running firefox with all addons DISABLED? or what happens in safe-mode?

geek_lostdude, Apr 15, 10:56 pm

From my understanding and googling, that activeX is part of IE and when playing game sooo you have to use that browser. But for the last 5 or months i've been using firefox with the other computer and have not had this problem (the site also states to use IE) BUT in saying that i think i must of had some 'plugin or addon' to support the compatibility of firefox with activeX. Any help please if that made sense

geek_louise183, Apr 15, 11:01 pm

You will find that Firefox doesn't allow activex. I would use the "IE Tab" add-on myself, which means actually running IE inside Firefox. If your IE is 'compromised', don't do it!

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 15, 11:01 pm

R.g.nixon what do you mean if my IE is 'compromised'. We have swapped computers from the business to home, so i'm not too sure about this laptop i'm on but have been putting the correct measures in place, i hope ;)

geek_louise183, Apr 15, 11:04 pm

You said "i don't think my computer is safe" so I assumed that your IE might be infected. What did you mean?

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 16, 8:03 am

Open firefox and your game a drop down window at the top of the bar should appear saying install active x, click on that and it will download it.

geek_madds54, Apr 16, 1:07 pm

ignoring post doesn't mean it didn't get asked...

geek_0800xford, Apr 16, 1:23 pm