Anyone recommend a good web hosting

cassie24, Apr 15, 10:07pm
Anyone recommend a good web hosting company? That's not to expensive as its for a non-profit organisation. Thanks

little_egypt, Apr 15, 10:13pm
For a nonprofit in the Waikato region? How does 'free' sound?

cassie24, Apr 15, 10:15pm
Sounds good but i'm in BOP ...

hdmovies, Apr 15, 10:23pm
How good do you need it. I.e. how many visitors do you expect, and will the site be running any web apps or is it info only, and if it was down for an hour would that be the end of the world? I use for cheap hosting for my non commercial sites.

cassie24, Apr 15, 10:31pm
I expect it will not have many visitors at all just mainly the people that are members or the association which is not many, just info no apps. I will look into that company, cheers, Apr 15, 11:00pm
Use google hosting its free

cassie24, Apr 15, 11:08pm
Just looked at doing that law but it means that the website will be, Apr 16, 7:24am
Sorry about late reply Yeah thats right or if you buy a domain name (you can get them for around $6 a year) you are able to use google hosting free of charge. Also, it wont show up in the format you were talking about, rather it will show up like a normal website, eg. Thanks!

cassie24, Apr 16, 8:16pm
Where do you get a domain name for $6 I have looked and they are about $30-40

l624628, Apr 16, 8:44pm They are the best nz domain registrar. You can get a domain name for about $25. A .com domain name through Domains4Less is about $15 from memory. I will recommend for .com domain names because the have nearly instant propagagion!

cassie24, Apr 16, 9:30pm
Thanks for that l624628 I have just registered the domain through them, thats heaps cheaper than everywhere else will probably do the webhosting through them to. Thanks a million.

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