cant access hdd "access denied" in vista ultimate

chessman, Apr 16, 4:56am
Cant access hdd "access denied" in vista ultimate just done a reinstall of vista ultimate on a new hdd as old one has got bad sectors, have now plugged in old hdd as drive e: to copy user data onto new hdd c:. when trying to access the drive thru windows explorer i get a msg "access denied" when clicking on drive d:, anyone else had probs like this when trying to access a vista hdd using another comp or a new installation of vista on another drive? ive never had any problems like this on xp, i think i mite have to resort to using ubuntu-live to access the ntfs partition on old hdd then use that to copy all the data over to new hdd

mysteryman007, Apr 16, 5:46am
Im not sure if any of the info in the following link will help? [ ]but it maybe worth worth reading. As not a avid vista user or fan i cant give you a definate path to fix this prob. Heres another to look over aswell [ ].

chessman, Apr 16, 8:31am
Thanks for the info for now ive got the old hdd in another computer running windows server 2003 with no service packs, ubuntu couldnt access the drive saying the ntfs filesystem needed a chkdsk. server 2003 seems to let me access the drive no problems at all, so im copying the data from old hdd thru the lan onto the vista computer with new hdd. as the old hdd has bad sectors i didnt want to do chkdsk or take ownership etc to gain access. as a last resort if xp or server 2003 couldnt access the drive i would have done a raw sector copy onto a good drive then done chkdsk and taken ownership.

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