help with acer laptop freezes when you try to play

kylek, Apr 16, 11:10am
Help with acer laptop freezes when you try to play a game on it or it will go to a bluse screen i dont know how to fix it had the computer jsutover a year hardly used it
its an acer aspire 4315
its frusttrating trying to fgure it out does any one have this problem everything will freeze and the mouse freezes so you have to turn it off (i press the on off button for about 5 seconds t
its the only way to shut it down

kylek, Apr 16, 11:12am
Took it to noelleeming to get reapir but they insist its a software and i have to pay (under warenty)
i had it sent away in dec last year took 3 months to get it back
im frstrated what to do i dont think the fixed it and i reckon its not software
as soon as i got it back it froze up with in 30 mins

kylek, Apr 16, 11:14am
Does the blue screeen most likey would it be hardware if i get a blue screen

pc_nut, Apr 16, 11:16am
It can also show if something serious happens with bad drivers or kernel exception

kylek, Apr 16, 11:22am
Hello pc nut do you know how i can fix it or try to are drivers and kernel exception a software i can fix

pc_nut, Apr 16, 11:34am
You could try updating drivers. for video and sound if possible. otherwise depending on the specs the game needs it may not work right on vista. if you can write down what the bluescreen says, that will be a clue as to what and where its causing the bluescreen

kevin16, Apr 16, 8:42pm
Kylek, what game? you do realize that laptops are not setup for 'gaming',..

b.j.nichols, Apr 16, 8:45pm
Why do people buy Acer laptops??? surely you know that if you buy the cheapest its not going to be any good?? So many threads on here about crappy Acer laptops and you still buy them??

soodanim, Apr 16, 10:34pm
Acers have their place wouldn't buy one if I wanted to play games on it. I've had mine for nearly a year and had no issues with it and for every person that says they are crap an actual ACER user tends to come along and say there's nothing wrong with Don't knock em to you've tried em.

got2bin2win, Apr 17, 10:11am
Ok Im afraid the two top of the line in there day ones i have owned have both died prematurely, so unless you got lucky or got a mid week built one, then im sure one day your attitude towards these budget machines will change, although how you treat your gear does play a big part in life expectancy.

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